World Spark

World Spark was created In 2003, its founders desiring to apply skills acquired through the development of four senior facilities to the needs of children outside the United States. Directors and supporters of Village Enterprises formed a separate 501 (c) (3) non-profit corporation, led by Michael Maslowsky, President of Village Enterprises.

World Spark (originally known as FEDE) is intended not only to provide charitable goods and services but to be a flexible, creative instrument for the betterment of the lives of children throughout the world. Investing its talent and resources in innovative problem solving, more than bureaucratic structure, World Spark first tested its capacities by developing educational programs for children in Baja, Mexico and Kiserian, Kenya. With children as its central focus, World Spark employs a three-fold dynamic of researching, designing, and implementing programs that respond to the educational and  residential needs of children, especially homeless children.

Believing children to be the world’s most essential resource, World Spark is dedicated to being a catalyst in the positive formation of tomorrow’s world.

World Spark has since formed World Spark Michoacán, its Mexican affiliate, to operate Niños de Guadalupe, a village for children without families located in Las Trojes, Michoacán.

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