Recent Grantee Recipients

The Boedecker Foundation takes great pride in the diversity of its Grantees, and in their unending commitment to affecting true change around the world.

In remote villages, small towns, and big cities, these Grantees carry the torch of goodwill and philanthropy, spreading light and opportunity wherever they go.

We hope that everyone reading these words takes a moment to read about these amazing initiatives and organizations, as they represent the work being done on the front lines – amazing work that is literally transforming lives and shaping communities in unprecedented and miraculous ways.

  1. Beiletnikoff Foundation
  2. Biz Bash Boulder County Fair
  3. Boulder International Film Festival (BIFF)
  4. Boy Scouts of America
  5. Buffs 4 Life
  6. Children’s Cancer Association
  7. Children’s Hospital Colorado
  8. Coastal Baldwin Educational Enrichment Foundation
  9. Colorado Jazz Group
  10. Colorado Music Hall of Fame
  11. Cumberland Heights
  12. Dairy Center for the Arts
  13. Denver Area Youth Services (PATHS Program)
  14. Denver Urban Scholars
  15. E-Town
  16. Fallen Angel Aviation Foundation
  17. Foothills United Way
  18. Freedom Foundation
  19. Friendship House (Nashville, Tennessee)
  20. Grassharper Foundation
  21. Histiocytosis Association
  22. Kempe Foundation
  23. Lakewood High School (Colorado)
  24. Lander University
  25. Montessori Institute
  26. Porter/Billups Leadership Academy
  27. Shalom Foundation
  28. Special Olympics of Colorado
  29. Special Olympics Tennessee
  30. The District
  31. There with Care
  32. Tru Community Care
  33. W.O. Smith School of Music
  34. YMCA of Middle Tennessee
  35. Youth Opportunities