A Legacy for the Future: The Family Learning Center’s Capital Campaign

A Legacy for the Future: The Family Learning Center’s Capital Campaign

Capital Building Marketing Plan

“A Legacy for the Future”

The Family Learning Center is actively working to raise $445,000.00 to build a new Health and Wellness Center and to complete a critical capital repair project. To date it has raised over $200,000.00. The Family Learning Center is grateful for the financial and in-kind resources the Boedecker Foundation has committed to this endeavor. In addition to addressing significant deficits in its existing facility, including a lack of space to adequately serve the current programs, the Family Learning Center proposes to build an additional 2,100 square foot facility to accommodate necessary increased educational and health and wellness programs.

These increased programs address the needs of its targeted community, which are low-income minority children and their families. The facility will offer opportunities for the children and their families by providing extra room for, health and dental care screenings for children and their families, multicultural and bilingual mental health counseling, exercise and dance, comprehensive cultural and artists programs, community empowerment center, clothing donations, food share programs, and nutritional cooking classes. The Family Learning Center recognized the connection between health and wellness and the overall quality of life of its children and families, and began offering programs that promote healthy eating habits and increased opportunities for physical activity across all program areas. Space limitations within the existing facility restrict the ability to effectively implement these strategies. The drainage and space problems with parking lot will also be addressed. The proposed 2100 square foot addition, along with proposed parking lot repairs, will facilitate the following programs:

Sustainable Health through Meals: The new space will facilitate long term family sustainability by helping students and their families acquire skills to cook affordable meals with healthy foods grown in the Family Learning Center’s community and youth gardens, which will be created in partnership with the University of Colorado’s Environmental Design Program. Youth Health Screening: The new space will accommodate a variety of health screenings for the children, including dental screening in partnership with Dental Aid, occupational therapy, and vision, speech, and hearing screenings. Youth, Adult, and Family Physical Fitness: The new facility will provide space for a variety of physical and cultural activities, including dance, yoga, and physical fitness classes, and art classes with the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art (BMOCA)

Community Meetings and Activities: The expansion will provide a setting for meetings with its community, and a space where families can pick up food and clothing donations with dignity. Parking Lot Repairs. The parking lot has created huge drainage problems that are damaging the foundation of the main building. The Family Learning Center’s capital expansion timeline is as follows: Assessment of needs, Development and Design phase, Fundraising and Development (permitting and city planning process) and Construction.