George’s Values


The Boedecker Foundation Initiatives are focused on providing educational opportunities for youth, families and their communities. Education is fundamental to personal and societal development, which provides life skills for tomorrow’s success. In today’s global environment, it is essential for individuals to have access to educational resources that can fully empower them to positively IMPACT the world around them. The Foundation supports organizations that provide instructional and educational opportunities for vulnerable youth, resources for underserved communities, after school programs and platforms for adults seeking higher edification.


The Boedecker Foundation has collaborated with a diverse group of organizations whose efforts are focused on improving the health and wellness of countless individuals. Health and wellness encompasses a wide range of fundamental components that support, INSPIRE and strengthen life’s basic necessities. In communities around the world, access to healthcare, clean water and nourishing food can be limited.  The Foundation works closely with organizations providing  vital services through school and community-based wellness programs, clean water projects, feeding programs and access to medical care, HIV/AIDS educational programs, medical research and online community networks.


At the core of the Boedecker Foundation endowments are partnerships with organizations that IMPROVE environmental circumstances, provide access to healthcare programs, and create opportunities for children, families and communities they serve. By improving essential services, organizations are empowering communities and developing sustainable programs that enable people to have the support required in order to reach their highest potential. The Boedecker Foundation has supported multiple organizations and improved opportunities for thousands of young people and  their families around the world.