Family Learning Center shows unprecedented resolve during the Catastrophic Colorado Floods

Family Learning Center shows unprecedented resolve during the Catastrophic Colorado Floods

Dear Friends,

I wanted to thank you again, for your support of The Family Learning Center. Last Friday night was such an inspiration for us and we were deeply touched with the turn out, especially in these very trying times.

I hope you and your quests were as inspired as we were by, friendship shared and the very special presentation by Juliana Toledo-Mullin and her parents. They represent all that is good and meaningful about our work with children and families.

As we mentioned at the Penfield Tate Awards Dinner and Silent Auction, we are beginning the long process of recovering from the tremendous flood damage FLC suffered from. We truly feel blessed and certainly feel for others who just like us and in some case worst off then us.

In addition to the recovering from the flood we are still focusing on the day-to-day business of operating a nonprofit in these economically challenging times.  This is why your support is so appreciated, much more than words can express.

We hope that we can continue to count on you. The following are a few specific opportunities for helping the continuance of our work for children and families:

1.       Cash donations are very much needed and appreciated

2.       We need to increase the size of our board of directors and we really want to have more corporate representations. If you and or someone in your company are looking to be of service on non profit board, please consider FLC for referrals.

3.       We would love for this year’s sponsors to commit to be a sponsor for are 20th Annual Penfield Tate event in 2014. It’s going to be a huge celebration!

I hope you are all well. Thank you for attending this year’s Pen Tate and for your support.


Brenda Lyle

Executive Director

Family Learning Center