The Family Learning Center

The Family Learning Center, founded by executive director Brenda Lyle, has for over thirty years provided Boulder,  Colorado’s low-income and culturally diverse children and families with meaningful opportunities to become educated, productive human beings who can successfully compete in a global society.

The Family Learning Center staff is passionate about what they do and fanatical about transforming the worlds of the children and families that walk through their doors. We want to ignite the fire to learn and to live life to the fullest in each one! We will do everything in our power to provide lifelong learning skills that lead to economic self-sufficiency to children and families of limited incomes, in an environment where families feel nurtured, respected, and empowered.

FLC is an inclusive community where children and families of all races and cultures, and from all walks of life, are welcomed. They believe that family and community offer the best support system for healthy social, academic, civic, and ethical development. By offering educational opportunities to the  entire family, they create families who value education, self-reliance, and community service.

Everyone should have the opportunity to succeed! This is their passion and this is their mission.

Since 1981, the Family Learning Center has provided Boulder County’s low-income, culturally diverse children and families the lifelong learning tools for self-sufficiency and success. In this time, they’ve been fortunate enough to touch the lives of more than 14,000 children and parents who otherwise would not have had the opportunity to gain the confidence and skills necessary to succeed in public schools, take advantage of employment opportunities, and become positive and  productive citizens.

The Family Leaning Center is actively engaged in providing comprehensive youth development, entrepreneurial  and college preparatory programs for low-income and minority children; early childhood programs; adult education; state-of-the-art technology programs; family outreach services (food, clothing, referral services and family literacy services).

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Get Involved

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How We Help

The Boedecker Foundation Contribution

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The Boedecker Foundation supports the mission and vision of the Family Learning Center, which is to encourage successful lifelong learning and economic self-sufficiency for families in the Boulder Community. The current programs we support include Early Childhood Preschool and Daycare, After School and Summer Activities, Back to School Supply Drive Program for school-aged children, Adult Literacy classes including ESL, GED, Computer, and Family Management, and Community Outreach Progams such as Collaborative Partnership, Indirect Program Service Delivery, Community Meeting Place, Crises Referral Services, Clothing and Food Bank.