Centro BOE

Centro BOE – The La Paz Mexico Community Center, was established in 2007 to enhance, encourage and promote the current and future well-being of children and youth in La Paz, Mexico, through grant-making and community stewardship. Centro BOE. operates under the philosophy that all people have strengths that can be encouraged and supported, allowing them to successfully meet life’s challenges and opportunities, and ultimately realize one’s full potential.

Centro BOE was created as an initiative of George B. Boedecker Jr., CEO, Founder and Board Chairman of The Boedecker Foundation.  Through generous grants from The Boedecker Foundation, Centro BOE was able to evolve from a small community food service program in La Paz, Mexico, to a Community Center that now has serviced over 4000 families and has brought a better quality of life to children and the La Paz municipality.

La Paz, Mexico was identified by Mr. Boedecker as a community in need and was prioritized for the first service project of The Boedecker Foundation. The project was comprehensive in nature and the extensive planning process began to build a “first of its kind” Community Center in Baja California Sur.  The Boedecker Foundation, in collaboration with the community of La Paz and LA Fundacion Lanctot A.C., constructed the youth, family and community development center. The Community Center became the only privately owned community-based center in the Baja California Sur. It operates a “state-of-the-art” technology and educational center, youth, family & community development programs, comprehensive child food & nutrition programs, health & wellness clinic and intervention programs.

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How We Help

The Boedecker Foundation Contribution

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The Boedecker Foundation continues to support Centro BOE's mission and vision to provide health, sports and recreation, human services, education, arts and humanities, and civic and community initiatives within the La Paz Mexico municipality.  We are hopeful for additional support from the Federal and State agencies along with any other civil associations, particularly as they apply to the families and children served by Centro BOE.