During a war time, soldiers risk their lives while protecting the nation. It is through the bravery of American soldiers that citizens feel confident in their safety. The Fallen Angel Aviator Foundation was formed in an effort to help the families of fallen soldiers, veterans and active-duty military aviators. In 2014, the Boedecker Foundation made a generous donation to the Fallen Angel Aviator Foundation so that the memorial for the service members on board Extortion 17 could be finished.

Providing Funding for Fallen Angels

The Boedecker Foundation made a large donation to the Fallen Angel Aviator Foundation that exceeded the sum total of all previous donations made to the organization. Due to the funding, the Fallen Angel Aviator Foundation was able to move forward with plans to complete the11th Aviation Command memorial and provide support to the families of our Fallen heroes.

Since the foundation was the largest sole private organization contributor in 2014, George Boedecker was presented an award from the Fallen Angels Aviator Foundation for his generous donation and the assistance he provided the foundation. His assistance allowed the foundation to legally form the non-profit.

Legal Assistance and Staff Support

George Boedecker’s unwavering support of military members and their families shows his love for our nation. His support runs deeper than the financial aspects of his donations because he actively worked to help complete the memorial for the airmen and special operations military forces who passed away in the attack on Extortion 17.

The Fallen Angel Aviator Foundation was formed in 2014 and received a tax code that was effective from 2013. George Boedecker provided legal recommendations and assistance to help the foundation get started. Furthermore, the Boedecker Foundation staff assisted with start-up tasks and information that the foundation needed to be successful in its mission.

Due to George Boedecker’s support for the nation and the military, he took efforts to assist with a non-profit organization that strives to help military airmen and veterans. He is a credit to his foundation and to the nation for his powerful message and his extraordinary efforts to assist the members of the military and their families.

Spreading Goodwill and Change

The Boedecker Foundation provides grants to different organizations and groups to help create the change that communities and groups need in a particular area. By providing funding to help set up a memorial for fallen members of the military or to help groups make positive changes, the foundation offers a chance to make changes that impact the entire community and the nation.

Changing a nation takes time and the Boedecker Foundation provides the tools that other groups need to start making changes. By spreading goodwill to different areas of the country, the foundation allows different groups to make a difference and help men, women and children in a community. The funds provided to the Fallen Angel Aviator Foundation will memorialize fallen soldiers and help their families move forward.