Who We Are

The Boedecker Foundation is a private foundation with a mission to empower communities and inspire positive change throughout the world.

George B. Boedecker Jr.  is a successful entrepreneur and philanthropist who is passionate about utilizing his knowledge and expertise to positively affect the lives of individuals throughout the world. Amidst his various philanthropic endeavors, in 2009 Mr. Boedecker created The Boedecker Foundation, established through an endowment left to him by his good friend and business partner Anthony H. Kruse. Through Mr. Boedecker’s philanthropic vision, the Foundation seeks to accomplish the following:

  1. Sustain and expand its ability to support charitable giving in order to impact, improve and inspire its national and international initiatives.
  2. Continue to provide resources to empower children, families, communities and the Foundation’s global partnerships.
  3. Create a lasting legacy for the Boedecker family that will operate in perpetuity.
  4. Continue to honor the memory and legacy of his friend and former business partner, Anthony H. Kruse.

Drive, determination, social responsibility and the belief that all individuals deserve the opportunity to reach their greatest potential, regardless of the risk or the reward, are the building blocks of our success. The Boedecker Foundation aspires to encourage positive outcomes through programs focused on education, health and wellness, youth development, along with family and community collaboration. These global efforts will be accomplished by demonstrating how being of service to others and investing in the unfailing potential of individuals to create a positive change in people’s lives and in their surrounding communities.